Peiyang Chunhui Education Fund Signing Ceremony Successfully Held in Tianjin University


On December 15, Peiyang Chunhui Education Fund signing ceremony was solemnly held at Peiyang Campus of Tianjin University. Liu Dongzhi, Deputy Party Secretary and Vice-president of Tianjin University, Wang Lisong, Associate Dean of the School of Foreign Languages and Literature, Wei Le, Director of the School of Foreign Languages and Literature Office, representatives of the 1967 alumni of the English Teacher Class of TJU (Tian Zhensheng, Liu Xiaolan, Wang Dawei, Li Hua, Cao Qing, Ju Yinxue and Zhao Weiming) attended the ceremony. Pan Feng, Secretary General of Peiyang Chunhui Education Fund, presided over the ceremony.

Mr. Liu Dingzhi gave thanks to the alumni for their donation, and introduced to them the development and future planning of Tianjin University. And Mr. Pan Feng gave a brief introduction of the operation of Peiyang Chunhui Education Fund. Mr. Wang Dawei, representative of the alumni, expressed their gratitude for the cultivation of Tianjin University and shared the joy of making a contribution to Tianjin University in their later years. He also encouraged TJU students to forge ahead and make contributions to their Alma Mater.

Representatives of Tianjin University and the 1967 alumni signed the donation agreement. On behalf of the university, Mr. Liu Dongzhi received the donating plaque and awarded the 1967 alumni of the English Teacher Class commemorative letter of donation.

Before the ceremony, the alumni had conversations with the students who won the 2016-2017 Peiyang Chunhui Education Fund. The Students expressed their respect and gratitude, saying that they would follow the example of the alumni and work hard to contribute to Tianjin University and the society at large.

“The establishment of Peiyang Chunhui Education Fund is a long-cherished wish of the alumni, and the wish has come true through a set of events.” alumnus Wang Dawei said. The motive to establish this fund is that the alumni hope to, at their positions, express their gratefulness for what Tianjin University has done for them and spare no efforts to pay Alma Mater back. From the hospitable entertainment received at the 120th anniversary of Tianjin University to the donation of the Statue of the Goddess and the establishment of Peiyang Chunhui scholarship, and eventually to the sustainability of the scholarship that was made possible due to the assistance of school foundations, all these opportunities brought to life the initial motive step by step.

Alumnus Tian Zhenshen introduced to students the history of the 1967 English Teacher Class and the process of setting up education funds. As English becomes an international language, in order to meet our national demand, Tianjin University selected 15 students with high English ability and integrity from seven departments in Tianjin University and thus formed English Teacher Class, aiming at preparing teachers for the English major in Tianjin University. After graduated, the students from English Teacher Class were distributed throughout the country and made great achievements in different fields.

The year of 2015 witnessed the 120th anniversary of Tianjin University. Alumni gathered at Peiyang Park Campus and received warm hospitality. Later, the alumni decided to donate the Statue of Goddess to the School of Foreign languages and Literature of Tianjin University. The contact with alma mater made them pay more attention to the development of English major and decide to donate six million yuan to set up Chunhui Education Fund, encouraging outstanding students to engage in the study and research of this field.

“Such kindness of warm sun cannot be repaid by grass”. The establishment of Chunhui Education Fund is not only a material encouragement for the students of Tianjin University, but also a spiritual lead for liberal arts majors. Promoting the development of foreign language disciplines, broadening students' international horizons and making overall arrangements for disciplines will surely become an important part of Tianjin University's course of building a world-class university. TJU students will also forge ahead and learn from outstanding alumni to be able to repay Alma Mater and the society.

It is known that the 1967 alumni of the English Teacher Class of Tianjin University donated 6 million yuan to the Alma Mater and established Peiyang Chunhui Education Fund as a way to promote the development of foreign language disciplines and also to encourage excellent students to engage in the study and research of this field. The fund is a three-time inputs and used in the following four items: firstly, Chunhui Scholarship, rewarding 30 people each year with 8,000 yuan per person; secondly, Chunhui Award for Teachers, rewarding one to two foreign language teachers who make prominent contributions to foreign language subjects each year, with annually 10,000 yuan per person; thirdly, Chunhui Special Grants as dedicated funding and incentives for other major projects concerning foreign languages; Fourthly, Chunhui Lifetime Contribution Award for the teachers who make a significant contribution to the development of foreign language disciplines.

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