SFL Held Spring Semester Work Mobilization Meeting in 2023


On the morning of February 17th, the School of Foreign Languages held a work mobilization meeting for the spring semester of 2023. All members of the leadership team, Party faculty branch secretaries, department directors and deputy directors, as well as all members from the administrative office and student affairs office attended the meeting.

Firstly, the directors of each department of the school reported and exchanged ideas on the key work and specific arrangements for teaching and research in the new semester. Then, Mr. Wang Lisong the Associate Dean reported the term goals of the new school administrative leadership team, put forward work requirements and considerations from the aspects of teaching reform, faculty construction, scientific research, discipline development, major positioning, public teaching, ideological and political courses, and cultural construction, and mobilized all teachers and students to work together to build a "multilingual, culture-integrated, and TJU-distinctive" School of Foreign Languages. What’s more, Mr. Ma Xiaobao the Secretary of the Party Committee made a special arrangement on main work points of the Party Committee of the SFL in 2023, requiring a focus on three aspects of work: strengthening the construction of the school leadership team, deepening the ideological and theoretical learning education of all staff, and closely focusing on the reform and development of the school's cause to promote innovation in Party building. And finally, Mr. Liu Jiaji the Associate Dean made a report on the school's scientific research work and the career development of young teachers, meanwhile assigning specific tasks.

After the meeting, departments of the school exchanged and discussed the work in teaching, research, and other aspects for the new semester. Attendees expressed their determination to adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the CPC, actively get involved in the development of the school, carry out competitive and distinctive projects, and make their own contributions around the fundamental task of fostering virtue.

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