Research of the new century key words



Research of the new century key words

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Feng Jicai

(Shi Jing)





Feng Jicai Institute of Literature and Art







Teaching method

Teaching 30 hours,Students give an account about 2 hours on topic of interest

Course Introduction

This course focuses on the keywords appeared from new century literary phenomena. These keywords include: new century, after 1980s, literature is died, the underlying literature, return to the 1980s, the oral history of literature, reading pictures, etc., in order to understand the context and hotspots of the new century literature. This course is aimed at two purposes: one is to cultivate students perceptual awareness and rational thinking of contemporary literary phenomena, learn to analyze literary hotspots; second is to develop students an ability to grasp hold of literature trends in the view of literary history.


paper submitted

Teaching Materials

1, Zhang Weimin, New Century Literary Studies, People's Literature Publishing House, 2007

2. Meng Fan-Hua, Tough narrative——New Century Literature Truth, Fujian Education Press, 2008


1, Liao Binghui, Keywords 200, Jiangsu Education Press, 2005

2, (UK) Williams, Keywords: Culture and Society Terms, Liu Jianji trans., Joint Publishing Company, 2006

3, Wang Deling, Rereading the 1980s——and the New Century Literature, Academy Press, 2009

4, Cheng Guangwei, Literary speech: "1980s" as a method, Peking University Press, 2009

5, LiRui, Wangyao, The Dialogue Between LiRui and Wangyao, Suzhou University Press, 2003

6, LiuXu, Bottom Narration: Modern Discourse cracks, Shanghai Ancient Books Publishing House, 2003

7, Zha Jianying, 1980s’Interviews, Joint Publishing Company, 2006

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