The Ribbon-cutting Ceremony of Chunhui Garden held in the SFLL


The ribbon-cutting ceremony of Chunhui Garden was held in the School of Foreign Languages and Literature (SFLL) of Tianjin University (TJU) on September 9th. Attendees include Li Jiajun, Secretary of the Party Committee of TJU, representatives of the 1962-1967 alumni of the English teacher class of TJU, Pan Feng, division chief of Tianjin University Alumni Association,Ma Xiaobao, Secretary of the Party Committee of the SFLL, Li Xu, Dean of the SFLL and over 50 representatives of teachers and students.

At the beginning, Li Jiajun , Li Xu and Wang Dawei, representative of alumni, cut the ribbon for the brand new “Chunhui Garden”.

In the speech, Li Xu first thanked Secretary Li Jiajun and all alumni for their support to SFLL’s work. He introduced that, in 2015, TJU’s 120th anniversary, alumni of English teach-class visited SFLL and expressed their concern about the development of the SFLL and the English major. In 2016, they donated the Statue of Auxo, showing their true love to the SFLL and TJU. In 2017, they donated 6 million yuan as Peiyang Chunhui Education Fund to promote the development of foreign languages disciplines. In 2018, they donated fund again to build “Chunhui Garden”. All these donations and concerns reflect good wishes from alumni and all teachers and students. Teachers and students of SFLL thank for alumni’s good wishes and are looking forward to the thriving of plants and weeds in the Chunhui Garden and the development of SFLL and TJU, he added.

Wang Dawei then gave a speech as representative of the alumni, in which he said that he felt grateful that TJU and SFLL have paid so much attention to alumni work. He introduced that, in 1965, the English teacher class, advocated by Mr. Li Shusen, former headmaster of TJU and taught by Mr. Zhang Zhongying, became the origin of TJU’s English education. Benefited from reform and innovation, the English education, formerly a short slab, became a leading major for English for science and technology. Nowadays, TJU and SFLL also promote the work of alumni with the same idea. “In the coming years, the alumni will pay close attention to and contribute to the development of TJU,” said Wang.

At last, Sun Yuwei, student representative of the first batch of recipients of the Peiyang Chunhui Scholarship delivered her speech. She first expressed her gratitude for TJU and SFLL, and thanked all alumni for their concern for students. She said that, last year, these alumni explained that their motivation to establish this fund, that is, they hope to, at their positions, express their gratefulness for what Tianjin University had done for them and spare no efforts to pay Alma Mater back. “The excellent character reflected on the alumni has set a good example for us and encouraged all students to keep forward. We will continue to forge ahead and learn from outstanding alumni to be excellent inter-disciplinary talent and repay Alma Mater and the society.

The completion of Chunhui Garden has further improved the environment of the SFLL. With luxuriant trees and flowers, well-arranged buildings, teachers and students can communicate here and enjoy the beautiful scene. It will become another beautiful sight at Tianjin University.

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