Foreign classic authors reading and analysis



Foreign classic authors reading and analysis

Course code

Teachers name

Feng Jicai

(Sun Yufang)



(Teaching Assistant)


Feng Jicai Institute of Literature and Art







Teaching method

Teaching 16hours;Discussing 16hours

Course Introduction

This course is one of the specialized elective courses of Chinese contemporary literature, taught by Bilingualism. It will be instructed by Professor Feng Jicai who is a famous Chinese contemporary writer he himself according to his own Creative experiences. Generally speaking,

this course mainly bases on three topics, and students’ involvement such as Test lecture and discussion is encouraged.

It is widely shared that One of the most important creative sources the Chinese contemporary literature based on is foreign literature. Emphasizing sociality and temporal spirit, We will guide the students starting with foreign literature, mainly referring to Russian literature, European literature, Latin American literature, which influence contemporary Chinese writers deeply. This course aims to broaden the future contemporary literature researchers’ literature studying horizon, to enhance their literary quality, to facilitate them to make a reasonable explanation about local literary creation dissemination and qualities in the context of globalization.


reading notes submitted

Teaching Materials

1.Zhu Weizhi, Zhao Li edited,History of Foreign Literature,Nankai University Press,2004

2.Zheng Kelu edited,History of Foreign Literature,Higher Education Press 2003


1.(SU)Bau Bernstorff Chomsky Wrote, Li Shi translated,The Golden Rose, Shanghai Translation Publishing House,1980

2.(Russia) Turgenev Wrote, Feng Zikai translated, AHunter’s Sketches,People's Literature Publishing House, 1991

3.(Germany) Heinrich Boll Wrote, Sun Shuzhu, Liu Yinglan translated,Irelanddiary, Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House, 2005

4.(France) Alphonse Daudet Wrote, Gong Canguang translated,Mill letters,Joint Publishing, 1989

5.(US) Faulkner Wrote, Raymond Lee translated,The Sound and the Fury, Shanghai Translation Publishing House, 2004

6.(Canada) Yann Martel Wrote, Yao Yuan translated,Life of Pi, Yilin Press, 2005

7.(Germany) Günter Grass Wrote, Hu Qiding translated,The Tin Drum, Shanghai Translation Publishing House, 2006

8.(SU) Isaac Babel Wrote, Dai Cong translated,Red Cavalry, the People's Literature Publishing House, 2004

9.(India) Arundhati Roy Wrote, Wu Meizhen translated,God of Small Things, People's Literature Publishing House, 2006

10.(Mexico) Juan Rulfo Wrote, Zhang Weijie translated,burning fields, Yilin Press, 2010

11.(Turkey) Pamuk, Shen Zhixing translated,My Name Is Red, Shanghai People's Publishing House, 2006

12.(Japanese) Kawabata Wrote, Ye Weiqu, Tang Yuemei translated,Izu Dancer, Chinese books Press, 2006

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