The Trends and Criticism of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature



The Trends and Criticism of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature

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Feng Jicai

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Teaching 30 hours, Students giving an account about 2 hours on topic of interest

Course Introduction

The Trends and Criticism of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature originated in the May 4thLiterary Revolution in twentieth century.At that time, Hushi, Chen Duxiu, Fu Sinian and other well-known scholars and critics published a series of important articles, the main topics of which included science, democracy and humanism. As a result, it had gradually formed a tradition that literary trends, literary criticism, ideological and cultural movement closely linked with each other. In the ensuing years, although Chinese people had undergone several major wars, turmoils and many social movements before and after national liberation, ideology always influenced the whole society. Because of the close relationship with the literary trends, literature and literary criticism become an entry point for anatomy to Chinese society.


Submit an academic paper on the literary trend interested

Teaching Materials

1.ZhuZhai edited., The Trends of Modern and Contemporary Chinese literary History, People's Literature Publishing House, 1987

2.Li Yang, Chinese Contemporary Literary Thoughts History, Shanghai Social Science Press, 2005


1.Xu Zhiying, Zou Tian edited., Major Trends of Modern Chinese Literature, Nanjing University Press, 2008

2.Hong Zicheng, Meng Fanhua edited., Contemporary Literature Keywords, Guangxi Normal University Press, 2002

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4.(US) Wellek, The Concepts of the Literary Trends and Movements, Liu Xiangyu edited., China Social Sciences Press, 1989

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